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I felt the need to start this community after seeing this post on sf_drama.

Yes, subarashiine was very wanky, but I agree with her basic premise! Cooking from scratch is the only way. ONLY.

I don't particularly care about "bad" ingredients. I just like to know what's going in my food, is all. I don't know which herbs and spices fall under the generic "spices" on a jar of spaghetti sauce, and I don't know what flavourings are used as "natural flavour" on a pint of ice cream. My inner control freak hates that.

Why do you like cooking from scratch?
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As a vegetarian, I like knowing that no animal ingredients are in my products.

Besides whole foods being way healthier than processed foods, it helps me sleep at night knowing that my fresh-squeezed orange juice will be bug free (lots of commercial orange juice has carmine in it, which is made from crushed-up bugs).

Also, I don't like to eat too much salt or other preservatives, so freshly made lets me make my food healthier and spiced to my own tastes.

There is one jarred sauce I will buy and that is Newman's Own Organic, but I usually end up tweaking it a lot too. Otherwise, I like making all my own sauces and dressings.

Generally, if I can't pronounce it, I won't eat it.
Vegetarian! I knew that'd come up ;)

That's part of it too, I guess. I know when I sent you and your 'slice the baked goods, it was really great to know that I was making vegan goodies and that they'd be appreciated. Homemade AND vegan how amazing!

The salt content is definitely a factor. Thanks for bringing it up. That's part of my recent decision to stop buying tinned beans and start buying dried ones.
because its fun :) and healthier and tastes far far nicer.
It really is fun, isn't it? I am more likely to cook when I need to de-stress.

Deleted comment

I think that can still count as "from scratch". I've never made pasta even though I really want to. Unless gnocchi counts! I've made gnocchi.
I love making cakes from scratch. I don't do it often, but it's fun to just hang out in the kitchen and bake.

I also make meatballs from scratch and usually my own bread. Just depends on my mood.
Oooh, meatballs. I love making itty bitty meatballs for Italian Wedding Soup.
Cooking at home tends to be much cheaper than eating out and some cheaper than buying freezer meals (You know the kind you just bake in the oven). I do half and half since we are in school and some nights I just do not have it in me to cook. I feel really good when I make something myself that tastes better than some bland store-bought food, though I guess some of the time it is more "semi-homemade" since I buy pasta, butter, bread, etc instead of making them.
I feel really good when I make something myself that tastes better than some bland store-bought food

It's a bit of an ego boost, eh? I love it.